Clemens Hubinger
As the Machine is taking the hold
concept for an installative work / exhibition (the familiar props, new stage-set, another screenplay)
Expiration period 15.06.2018-22.06.2018

Why we happily merge into the Machine:
We've been hit by the heavy burdens of life-on-the-material-layer for ages. The age of human.
Transitioning what we see as the essential of living, into the informational – by now digital – layer, seems to be the most
convenient approach for all;
To finally ban that painful burden of living, that material-born tools were just able to ease.
No more weight to carry, no more need to interact on human-to-human interfaces, as anyone can solve any problem on one's own.
We proceed well on that, the point where art, on the layer of creation and direction, is exclusively executed by the  Calculating-Machine, is now in reach, as a matter of but a few years.
To transition the perception-of-art into being executed by that machine alone as well, might still need some pride-to-be-eroded, though.
We are to be happy; We wanted lightness rather than living, and we shall be granted.
Installative Ausstellungsanordnung aus Fragmenten vergangener künstlerischer Arbeiten oder deren Vorstudien
- im Zusammenhang: Materialisierung / manuelle Abformungen / Abformungsprozesse - und dadurch Neuinterpretation der Einzelteile im Kontext dieser Installation / Ausstellung.
Die einzelnen Arbeiten beschäftigten sich mit materiellen Formfindungsprozessen, manuellen Abformungsprozessen oder deren Initiatoren.
Im Zuge der Installation im neuen Zusammenhang (=Ausstellung) werden sie neu benannt - im Syntax
„ 'Alter Titel (Neuer Titel)' Jahr der Entstehung (2018)“ und erzählen nun gemeinsam eine neue Geschichte; es erfolgt eine aktuelle Bedeutungsplazierung auf der Ebene der (neuen) Werktitel, im Verhältnis zu den (bestehenden) Arbeiten.
Eine einzelne neue Arbeit wurde als finales Kapitel dieser Geschichte geschaffen, und bleibt dennoch, in der Struktur der Benennung, der erzählten Geschichte treu.
Die Dauer der Ausstellung (Ablaufdauer) beträgt sieben Tage, jeweils bis abends. Es findet keine Vernissage am Vorabend statt, am Abend des siebenten Tages findet eine Finissage statt. Im Rahmen dieser Finissage erfolgt eine Performance (the artist singing a Farewell).
An installative, exhibitional placement of past artwork, or it's sketches, related in terms of materialization / manual casting / casting processes and thereby reinterpretation of those pieces in the exhibitional / installative context.
The individual parts were preoccupied with matters of materials conducted, the methods of manually casting them into the multiple, as well as the iniators of this occupation.
With merging into this new installative /exhibitional context, they are being (re)titled in a syntax like „'original title (actual title)' year of original creation (2018)“ and are thereby telling a new storyline together on a layer of relation between the (new) titles and the existing pieces of artwork. To finalize the storyline a single new piece of artwork has been created, still  following the titleing structure of those reinterpreted.
The duration of the installation / exhibition (expiration period) is set to seven days, each day until in the evening. There is no opening the evening before it starts, but a closure in the evening of the terminal day, when the artist will perform singing a Farewell.
As the Machine is taking the hold staging directions on screenplay, scenes I-IX

for outside surface, valid
no comment

for neurotransmission, outdated
liquid sunshine, direktsaft

as being stuck in desire for perfection
on the right to make a copy of a thing

for optimism in beginning
no comment

for keeping it moist
no comment, but glossy

for where is blood, there is life
conserved into death

breaking the prison wall
a bless it was put inside the box first

for I might rather want to be left inside that rabbit-hole
a temptation, and rejected

for takeoff-procedure, readied
might well lift off; whom do you want to be?